Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hotlead 2012

Well, another year has come and gone.
I was impressed by the number of games being run and the number of attendees.
The 'Bring & Buy" table did not disappoint.

I arrived at 09:00hrs, and stopped by t6he North Bay Hobby table and got some magazines.

Next I began to peruse the B&B table, quickly locating the painted miniatures.

I then meandered around the various tables set up with terrain for gaming.

At 09:20hrs, I stood near the B&B items I wanted to purchase, cash in hand. Luckily no one else had an interest in them at that time.

8 Painted Foundry Pirates, now OOP.
7 Renegade WW1 French painted as FFL
Painted not 'Rick O'Connell'
3 Crusader pirates

Then I spent more time hunting thru the B&B and varied games tables and I picked up some BNIB Battlefield in a Box river expansions - ford, islands, bends, fork, and some styrofoam hills.

I dropped this off in the car and watched some games being played. I left the brochure with the names in my car.

I really wanted to get a game or two in but I had to leave at 11:00hrs as I accidentally double booked myself.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hotlead 2012

Well, I am excited.
Hotlead is just around the corner.
Stupidly, I double booked myself so I have a physio appointment at 1:30 so hopefully there is a lot of good stuff at the Bring and Buy early...