Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rules: LOTOW vs. TRWNN

Now that I have some terrain, it's time to look at which set of rules I should use. I already have a bunch of (sadly, unpainted) miniatures. As I am a slow painter, I want to build a posse for a particular set of rules so I only have a few models to paint at a time.

I have been playing GW games since the late 90's,and more recently LOTR so I'm leaning towards LOTOW.

However, it might be fun to learn another set of rules like TRWNN.
I lined up two posses and tried out the rules by my self the other day. They seemed pretty straightforward and I really liked the randomness of turning cards.

For ease of use and comfort, I'll probably end up mainly using LOTOW. So now it's time to start digging through my minis and build two posses.

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