Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So here they are! In all their glory!

20 Infantry and a standard bearer, leader and Lewis gunner for the HQ element. I picked up a 2nd banner bearer off of eBay but need to rebase her to match.

I based them last week and added the grass tufts yesterday. Didn't have tweezers on hand but whatever. It works.

I just realised that this is the most I have ever painted in a single year, let alone a 3-4 month period.

The maxim support gun. The loader is propped up on his own washer which is still visible from above so I'll need to fix that. Maybe some more grass tufts? 

I added First Corps Miniatures  Austin Armored Car v2 that I picked up sometime in 2016.
Painted black. Lined grey and then washed. Added a wolf howling at the moon transfer from a old Space Wolf transfer sheet. (Actually added 2 but forgot to seal with nail polish and one got damaged and had to be removed). It was my first time using transfers. Luckily a guy at work plays Bloodbowl so he walked me through it.

The other side. Added a mud effect by flicking paint from an old toothbrush. Worked like a charm. Thankfully I finished this up and hopefully the impetus will push me to finishing all of those pesky Copplestone Chinese I bought.